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Maybe the most youngest fan of Mr. Willis...btw Hello...hehe [Feb. 18th, 2007|04:47 pm]
Bruce Willis Central
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People...friends...Bruce lovers...hello there. My name is Sakura (hidding the real name) and i'm 15 years old...I am a bigger fan of Mr. Willis since I saw the Die Hard movies...and MoonLighting,the best 80's show. I'm a crazy fan of him...

For more info find out in this posts on my LJ:


 (1st part...not 2nd one)

EDIT: Also my last link: http://amiga-rippermod.livejournal.com/39254.html

Well...I guess yo all people get my point. I came here to make new LJ buddies who also have a a passion of Mr. Willis just like me...well...

Small question:How I can get some cool Bruce icons/avatars/images to use over my Userpics? At least I need 2...

Well...c yo guys...if you like my LJ...just leave a comment and add me as a buddy...I also add the people who comment there.

C ya!